Global Supply Chains need a CHANGE!

This scrutiny has revealed the fragility of the modern supply chain, with many struggling to adapt their methods quickly enough. So how can companies ensure that their supply chain is fit for purpose whilst reducing the exposure to similar vulnerabilities in the future?

The Circular Economy – closing the loop with Innovative Solutions

Have you already hopped on the bandwagon to a circular economy? If not, what are you waiting for? Rising issues of pollution, environmental change and scarce resources are just some of the reasons to start thinking about shifting your business to a more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly one. One of the main and crucial positions in the entire transitional process are … Continue reading The Circular Economy – closing the loop with Innovative Solutions

IoT edge cloud balances the best of cloud and edge computing

Edge cloud refers to the decentralization of the traditional, massive cloud data centers. The IoT edge cloud moves cloud storage and compute closer to the edge source while also scaling down its size. Edge sites may connect to each other or to a core cloud for additional data inputs and processing or storage capabilities or isolated in instances of a data breach or service compromise.

Creating customer experiences that Stay ON!

What brands need to do within their organization in terms of culture, CX vision and strategy, CX governance, CX strategy, KPIs and systems to collect and act on customer feedback is a topic for another day. For now, I would like to focus on the five key pillars we have identified that provide a balanced approach to driving customer centricity. This is based on Kantar’s collective experience of more than 30 years in the CX space globally.

COVID-19 Impact on the EMEA Cloud Market – Time to Shine for Cloud?!

While there is a significant impact on the European cloud market, it is potentially positive! Now is the time to shine for cloud providers and to demonstrate that cloud services are the perfect fit for uncertain times, when the ability to scale up AND scale down really comes to the fore.

Abu Dhabi Power to develop largest thermal plant in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Power Corporation (ADPower) and Japan-based Marubeni Corporation on Sunday announced the formation of a consortium to develop the Fujairah F3 independent power producer (IPP) project, which will be the largest independent thermal power plant in the UAE.

Businesses need a clear head on productivity

Frankly, every eye is looking for marginal improvements in hopes of eking out a profit. Even before we added COVID-19 to our dictionaries, productivity growth was worryingly flat. On average, employers were paying for eight hours of work per day, but receiving just three hours of productive time in return.

The Archaic HR Practise we MUST Disrupt

COVID-19 has forced many companies to adopt flexible and remote working arrangements – hastening a trend that had threatened to disrupt the way we work for years now.

Brazil Is More Than Samba. Here We Unveil One Of The Fastest Growing Data Centre Markets In The Southern Hemisphere

The country is Latin America’s largest technology ecosystem with the IT market growing 9.8% in 2018, reaching $47bn and surpassing previous forecasts of 4.1% growth for the period and will continue to grow at 10.5% in 2019, according to a study prepared by IDC in partnership with the Brazilian Software Association (ABES).

Clearly, global supply chains need a TWEAK!

The challenge is turning the growing volumes of information and data available into actionable insights to optimise performance and control risk. For humans with little more than spreadsheets to help, it is a huge job.
But with the power of self-service analytic platforms, chief finance officers are increasing savings, human resources specialists are optimising their talent pipelines, and chief marketing officers are responding to global shifts in supply and demand. In fact, knowledge workers of any discipline can upskill and learn these new techniques with ease, with the benefits flowing quickly to an organisation’s bottom-line.

Where will Innovation in Architecture come from NEXT?

Now more than ever, architecture is in need of innovation. The pandemic has made us fundamentally rethink the functioning of our cities, public spaces, buildings, and homes. The 2020 challenges are pressing, and we cannot put off changing architecture any longer.But even before these crises forced many of us to re-examine architecture, the industry was … Continue reading Where will Innovation in Architecture come from NEXT?

Customer Experience & Industry 4.0

Today's ultra-competitive business environment means companies cannot afford to be offline. Having a quality product or solution sure to sell and boost the bottom line is simply not enough in the age of the experience economy, where customer loyalty is driven............

Digital healthcare: growing telehealth market to reach €22bn by 2025

Telehealth also involves a wide range of videoconferencing, health information, telecommunications, and digital image technologies. The virtual technology and telecommunications are used in telehealth to deliver health care facilities outside of traditional healthcare facilities.

Africa & MEA : An Emerging Frontier for Global Services

There’s also been a considerable rise in R&D centers and Centers of Excellence (COEs), where talented professionals with relevant and often advanced technological skill sets work to develop state-of-the-art solutions......

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ – rolls out Live Streaming Experimental Shopping

In the offline store, in order to give customers peace of mind, JD E-Space has adopted comprehensive epidemic prevention measures, including regular, full-scale disinfection and protective supplies for employees. Additionally, when customers enter the store, their temperatures are checked before entering.


We still have a long way to go before we even determine what ‘business-as-usual’ will look like—never mind reach it again. And when that happens, remember: the worst thing to do when it comes to supply chain risk management is nothing at all....

Innovation in Procurement: How CPOs Can Deliver Value

.....Despite the prospect of positive outcomes from driving innovation through the procurement function, some executives still haven’t jumped on board. That’s a dangerous stance to take. Those who fail to achieve optimal levels of innovation risk falling behind the competition. The most recent research found 52 percent of businesses saying that the formation of ecosystems by rivals poses a significant threat......

Smart Grid Data Analytics Market to be Worth USD 5,720 Million By 2025

Smart grid data analytics controls large data volumes that are created by smart grid technology. It is a key sector in the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), as it helps utilities to address key financial and operational challenges. This technology offers certain advantages for multinational corporations, retail stores, universities, enterprises, and hospitals.

Transformation of Urban Logistics in Smart Cities

Remember how many packages you had delivered to your doorstep last Christmas? How thrilled you were every time the bell rang? Think again. eCommerce is convenient and it’s a major economic opportunity for small and medium-sized logistics businesses in European cities, but it’s also a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Enabling NEW Opportunities for Growth

Jafza offers investors a highly efficient multimodal industrial, trade and logistics hub. As the dynamics of global trade change, the need for focused zones of developed infrastructure, with ready access to international shipping, has increased. Global manufacturing operations seek such locations to get closer to customers, improve their logistics, and expand into new markets. Being … Continue reading Enabling NEW Opportunities for Growth

Malaysia & Japan Partner for Innovation in Halal Markets

It is the catalyst for talent development and access to a vibrant data ecosystem for investors to foster collaboration among businesses, start-ups, academia, and professionals so that these focus areas become an integral part of business innovation and decision making.

Australia’s cloud market booms as productivity benefits unfold

Combining the positive effects of cloud integration, the Australian economy has had an injection of pace over the last half a decade, and this appears to be just the start. The productivity benefit from cloud technology has been increasing annually, building a substantial cumulative benefit over the last half a decade.

Is the future modern workplace Remote FIRST?

As with other defining moments in our global history, crises are often what accelerates change. Faced with no alternative we are forced to be resourceful, and in the event discover that we already had what it takes.

Audit Industry NEEDS a Makeover

While digital strategies play a vital role for businesses and auditors to remain productive during the COVID-19 crisis, technology tools were already being deployed to substantially improve audit quality and assurance.

Brands still have a story to tell even now

It is time the dynamics of the agile world of new media is fully understood. Almost all routines – from work to worship, entertainment to learning, saving to spending - have migrated online and it is time brand builders exploited the opportunities to its maximum. It is a challenge that needs to be faced head on.