AI & Empathy

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5 steps to reimagining operational architecture and boosting results with IoT

Sustainable investments are necessary for a comprehensive transformation programme, including the redesign of business processes. IoT should ultimately be viewed as an ever-present ingredient in an organisation’s architecture that facilitates operational outcomes.

Brazil Is More Than Samba. Here We Unveil One Of The Fastest Growing Data Centre Markets In The Southern Hemisphere

The country is Latin America’s largest technology ecosystem with the IT market growing 9.8% in 2018, reaching $47bn and surpassing previous forecasts of 4.1% growth for the period and will continue to grow at 10.5% in 2019, according to a study prepared by IDC in partnership with the Brazilian Software Association (ABES).

Let’s treat ‘digital workers’ as peers

Work transformation is critical for effectively scaling digital initiatives and will help increase business agility, worker productivity, and operational efficiency. Most importantly, it will facilitate greater stakeholder engagement and drive greater business value, enabling organisations to establish competitive differentiation in a dynamic environment.

Procurements Value Super SIX

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As businesses today continue to harness the power of globalization to expand performance, the role of effectively sourcing goods and services from suppliers has become inevitable. Additionally, procurement is transforming into a more strategic function that is aligned to organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, issues like economic and political volatility, technological disruption, etc. have rendered market a fierce competition. Hence, it is important for organizations to adopt effective strategic sourcing skills and processes to maximize their business performance and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage over their peers........

How Is IoT Improving Transportation?

With IoT-fueled communication, vehicles would have real-time data on where everything else on the road is. This information would then enable cars to brake or turn when necessary to avoid a collision. Assisted driving features are already present in many vehicles, but IoT’s interconnectivity would make them more accurate.


We still have a long way to go before we even determine what ‘business-as-usual’ will look like—never mind reach it again. And when that happens, remember: the worst thing to do when it comes to supply chain risk management is nothing at all....

Audit Industry NEEDS a Makeover

While digital strategies play a vital role for businesses and auditors to remain productive during the COVID-19 crisis, technology tools were already being deployed to substantially improve audit quality and assurance.

Indian IT 4.0: Upping the Ante on Innovation

The IT services industry has remained a crown jewel in India’s success story, and a key growth catalyst in the nation’s economy. This industry grew to $181 billion in 2018-19, accounting for nearly 45% share of India’s total services exports and contributed around 7.7 per cent to the country’s GDP. Yet, it struggles to maintain its position and relevance in the industry today. What does it take for a turnaround?

The Future of Emergency Medicine: 6 Technologies That Make Patients THE Point-of-Care

From driverless cars through medical drones to artificial intelligence (A.I.), advanced technologies are enhancing the field of emergency medicine. It’s helpful to have a better look at how those technologies are influencing emergency care and what lies ahead.

Five Technologies for a MORE AGILE Procurement Process

Agility is vital to keep every business up and running. Procurement is one of the functions, which requires constant change. Today, procurement teams are expected to play a strategic and tech-enabled role. Before, procurement teams had two focuses: cost reduction and risk mitigation. The advent of automation and cloud services has led to more emphasis on efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of purchasing decisions.

Smart cities are built on sustainability

Look at how much data we use — according to research from PwC last year, 90 per cent of all data that exists today was created during the last two years. With the launch of 5G across the Gulf last year, a world first, our use of data across the region is going to skyrocket.

Simple ways to motivate your team members to collaborate

Choosing your team members wisely is always important for your business. However, it is not enough to just pick the right people for the right job, that is only one aspect of the selection. In order for your business to work in harmony as a whole, and reach its full potential through its capital in human resources, collaboration must be perceived as one of the most essential assets of your business.

The future of the CDO: Chief Data Officers need to sit near the top

There are two types of CDOs. There is the CDO, whose role is quite distinct from that of data scientists. In this case, the CDO will focus on strategy — the big picture, driving leadership and strategic direction.........

Avoid self-inflicted pitfalls in funding

Depending on the balance-sheet, purpose, and duration of capital, as well as the size, sector and stage of business, there are many ways businesses can raise money. It could be direct from the markets through equity, loans or convertible bonds.

IoT edge cloud balances the best of cloud and edge computing

Edge cloud refers to the decentralization of the traditional, massive cloud data centers. The IoT edge cloud moves cloud storage and compute closer to the edge source while also scaling down its size. Edge sites may connect to each other or to a core cloud for additional data inputs and processing or storage capabilities or isolated in instances of a data breach or service compromise.

Cloud Computing: Floating High in the Latin American Market

Cloud technology is much more than just a storage solution. With infrastructure as a service (IaaS) gaining popularity, businesses have opened up to the idea of adopting cloud computing as a full-fledged resource.


The idea of capitalism was hijacked by Joseph Schumpeter in the 1930s, when he narrated a drama in which the entrepreneur entered as a hard-nosed antihero and a driver of progress and innovation.

Management must not spend time on their best talent

They will do better if attention is spread evenly across all layers of their workforce

In a lot of leadership and management theory, there is often a fondness for talking about the outliers. We like to think about the extreme use cases ..............

Artificial intelligence will make Indian businesses smarter

“This not only enabled a streamlined automated recruitment process with no scope for biases, delays and inaccurate fitments but also led to 92 per cent saving of time in shortlisting, 70 per cent improvement in hiring efficiency and 66 per cent saving in costs.”

China takes a great leap forward in data protection

As the issue gains social traction, the government is breaking ground by advancing national regulations with major implications for consumer privacy and the international operability of firms both domestic and overseas........