5 pieces to the Global Capacity Management Puzzle : FORD

.....the challenges facing Ford in fitting the pieces together. One of which is its extensive legacy. Ford has been around for 100 years and the five main regions of the company (North and South America, Asia, Europe and Middle/Eastern Africa) grew up individually. There wasn’t a need to move data and information between the regions because they had different products, teams and organizations. Over the past few decades, the auto industry, like most other industries, experienced unprecedented changes that drove a need to transform capacity management from a regional to a global view.......

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Size, Development Status, Type and Application, Segmentation, Forecast by 2026

This intelligence report includes investigations based on current scenarios, historical records, and future predictions. An accurate data of various aspects such as Type, Size, Application, and end-user have been scrutinized in this research report. It presents the 360-degree overview of the competitive landscape of the industries. Thus, helping the companies to understand the threats and challenges in front of the businesses. Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is showing steady growth and CAGR is expected to improve during the forecast period.

DP World to join shipping industry’s blockchain platform

The coronavirus lockdown has accelerated a digitalisation drive in a global shipping and logistics sector that still routinely delivers many documents by bike messenger in some countries.

Inside Malaysia’s fast-growing halal beauty market

The word halal is most commonly associated with food and drink. But in Malaysia demand for halal-certified products across all sectors — including personal care — is growing...........

Retail’s future could well be a ‘DARK STORE’

For stores that remained open during the stay-at-home mandate, it meant having to enforce social distancing rules, rethinking traffic patterns and enabling self-checkout and contactless payment options. Retailers have also begun leveraging customer traffic solutions in their aisles to monitor distance and digitize activities like customer metering.

Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout

Geothermal power is the perpetual also-ran of renewable energy, chugging along in the background for decades, never quite breaking out of its little niche, forever causing energy experts to say, “Oh, yeah, geothermal ... what’s up with that?”

Canada and the ENCRYPTION ‘Holy Grail’

Current encryption is designed to protect data while it is in transit between two different devices or when it is stored on a particular device or in the cloud. It is very good at this but there is one point in the current encryption process where it is potentially vulnerable.

Blue Light Innovation in 2021

One of the ways the blue light sector has been tackling the rise in demand and risk is by redesigning and/or supporting service delivery with innovative and emerging technology. And, while tech is never the panacea, it has certainly helped and in some cases transformed how the sector operates.

Small Business & AI Should NOT BE Strangers

The mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) often sparks images of big-scale government projects or exclusive cutting-edge applications that are the reserve of elite businesses. A science fiction image, propagated by Hollywood movies of robots and complex computer systems, further adds to the impression that AI is a technology only available in the distant future to a select few.

Move Beyond ‘Business as Usual’ with this Cloud Innovation Checklist

Obviously, it’s essential for technology departments to ensure adequate reliability, availability and performance for IT resources. But even if staffers are performing these tasks at the top of their game, an IT shop that stops there is still a cost center; it’s not doing anything to add new customers or grow the business.

South Korea’s self-driving upstarts take on tech giants

In a workshop that blends a corporate office with a tool-packed garage, around 20 South Koreans are looking to take on the multi-billion-dollar giants of Uber, Tesla and Google parent Alphabet with a self-driving car of their own.

Australia’s cloud market booms as productivity benefits unfold

Combining the positive effects of cloud integration, the Australian economy has had an injection of pace over the last half a decade, and this appears to be just the start. The productivity benefit from cloud technology has been increasing annually, building a substantial cumulative benefit over the last half a decade.

The key to Digital Business Process Innovation : SMARTER CONNECTIONS

Content is at the core of every business process, so it follows that content services and process digitization are very closely linked. But the real scope for experience transformation comes when data, drawn together from multiple sources, can inform and trigger next actions—especially when it means that human involvement is strategic rather than intrinsic to … Continue reading The key to Digital Business Process Innovation : SMARTER CONNECTIONS

Why service is the most important part of SaaS

.......Most self-serve products today don’t account for these kinds of complexities. That’s why enterprise solutions usually require a call or demo before you talk about price. Product transparency is crucial for high-stakes buying decisions. Prospects really need to play around with your product before they know whether it’s the right choice for them.......

Transforming Procurement

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Enhancing energy efficiency in our Data-Intensive IT World

Together with innovative, connected technologies around IT, power, and cooling infrastructure, we believe energy can be used in an efficient and sustainable way. While currently these practices are being implemented with large scale data centers, they will eventually be adopted by smaller enterprise centers.  We see the adoption of renewable energy and innovative technologies as key to further improve the energy landscape.......

Customer Experience & Industry 4.0

Today's ultra-competitive business environment means companies cannot afford to be offline. Having a quality product or solution sure to sell and boost the bottom line is simply not enough in the age of the experience economy, where customer loyalty is driven............

eSourcing : 3 Crucial Ways to help Your Business

Finding and negotiating with suppliers is a time-consuming and challenging process for any business – especially for those with complicated supply chains. eSourcing can streamline this process, allowing your organisation to use a suite of online systems to collect and compare information on a range of suppliers, run auctions, tenders, and complete vendor surveys – all designed to help you choose a preferred provider...............

Data-centric innovation and digitalisation will catalyse India’s growth

India’s strength lies in its large population, growing economy, pace of digital adoption and core tech competencies supported by a robust tech ecosystem, and a burgeoning innovation and entrepreneurship environment.

Exploding Age: Are Retailers Ignoring Half Their Customers?

What does all this mean for retail brands? Bricks and mortar, and all the physical things that one has to do as a necessity to allow older people to move around spaces is important, but it's only part of the story.

Technologies That Keep Your Health System HIPAA Compliant

With the explosive growth of cloud-based technology, especially with many healthcare organizations using third- and fourth-party vendors, the fact that EHR systems are being moved to or connected with cloud-based platforms is a concern. Cloud-based applications can help with data security because the major providers have capabilities that can be used to enable strong security overall,

How Digital Continuity Leads to Better Products

Using incorrect information is very costly for a company. This also applies to the manufacturing industry, in which data runs like a continuous thread through all departments and processes. Digital continuity is in this case crucial. But what exactly is digital continuity? And what does this require?

The lifecycle of a product consists of roughly ...........

Russia’s Cloud Service Businesses Are Expanding

....the country's cloud services segment grew by 25 percent year-on-year to 68.4 billion rubles ($1.1 billion), and about 70 percent of that is accounted for by SaaS - Software as a Service, or programmes that are operated from the cloud rather than being installed on a personal computer.

Meanwhile, Russia's cloud services industry is projected to grow by roughly 23 percent a year over the next few years and could reach 155 billion rubles ($3.4 billion) by the end of 2022......