5 steps to reimagining operational architecture and boosting results with IoT

Sustainable investments are necessary for a comprehensive transformation programme, including the redesign of business processes. IoT should ultimately be viewed as an ever-present ingredient in an organisation’s architecture that facilitates operational outcomes.

Five Technologies for a MORE AGILE Procurement Process

Agility is vital to keep every business up and running. Procurement is one of the functions, which requires constant change. Today, procurement teams are expected to play a strategic and tech-enabled role. Before, procurement teams had two focuses: cost reduction and risk mitigation. The advent of automation and cloud services has led to more emphasis on efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of purchasing decisions.

The future of the CDO: Chief Data Officers need to sit near the top

There are two types of CDOs. There is the CDO, whose role is quite distinct from that of data scientists. In this case, the CDO will focus on strategy — the big picture, driving leadership and strategic direction.........

Financial Services MUST Think Open Source

While banks have long been consuming enterprise open source products, many are yet to embrace open source ‘upstream’ community projects. Here’s why working in upstream communities is a smart tactic for firms looking to innovate more quickly.

Productivity is more than workplace designs

From office Feng Shui to free fruit, and from lunchtime workouts to mental health support, how employees feel both inside and out has become the preoccupation of human resource departments. Of course, taking care of our teams can only be a good thing - but in all the effort to build a happy workforce (and keep it that way) something else is being systematically overlooked.

Turning the Desert GREEN

Looking at the areas where he sees greatest potential to boost food production and increase access to affordable nutrition, Dr Bin Hendi told us ag-tech can improve productivity and ensure more consistent and higher quality output for farmers. Technologies of interest range from robotic systems, environmental sensors, aerial imaging, and other smart farming methods. Innovations in areas like vertical farming also over the prospect of ‘more consistent’ yields because the controlled environment reduces risk, he continued.

The PropTech Space Is A ‘Blue Ocean’ In Asia

We are all living in a new normal now due to a pandemic that no one could have foreseen or expected how it changed our lives and the way we interact with other people. There could be changes that last forever, preventing a return to facets of our previous lifestyle. These changes can be in every aspect of our world, including personal lives, corporations, businesses, investments and, without a doubt, the real estate industry.

A Measured Approach to Regulating Fast-Changing Tech

Amid the economic upheaval caused by Covid-19, technology-driven disruption continues to transform nearly every business at an accelerating pace, from entertainment to shopping to how we work and go to school. Though the crisis may be temporary, many changes in consumer behavior are likely permanent.

Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout

Geothermal power is the perpetual also-ran of renewable energy, chugging along in the background for decades, never quite breaking out of its little niche, forever causing energy experts to say, “Oh, yeah, geothermal ... what’s up with that?”

The Emerging Technologies that can bring Immense Advantage & Improve Emergency Management

With this rise in crises across the United States, data and technology have an increasingly important role in improving emergency management departments across the country. Approximately 240 million calls are made to 911 in the United States each year, with at least 80 percent coming from wireless devices, yet many emergency management systems still operate on legacy systems made for wireline phones. As a result, people in need are unable to easily share precise locations or send media messages to responders, making emergency communication and resource coordination more costly and difficult.

How CIOs can pioneer Digital Transformation

CIOs have a natural advantage today because ‘digital’ is at the core of any transformation. That advantage comes with a big responsibility: CEOs will expect CIOs to play a predominant role when it comes to pioneering transformations....

The Future of Emergency Medicine: 6 Technologies That Make Patients THE Point-of-Care

Despite being depicted as a revered, traditional speciality in popular media, emergency medicine is relatively new, being mostly the product of the accelerated, globalized world we live in. Estimates date the development of modern emergency medical services in the United States to the early 1960s. This happened in response to the increased number of traffic accidents resulting from the boom of cars on the newly built American highways. Later on, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore followed shortly thereafter, developing their respective emergency medical systems in the 1970s and 1980s.

Digital banking is yet to throw up clear winners, and that means opportunity

Much has been written about digital banks and how they intend to transform banking. It is has been said that starting with current accounts for millennials, digital banks will slowly move up the value chain with cross-sell and other services.

Russian Innovation New Wave Bringing Advantage to Southeast Asia

Throughout its history, science and technology have been ingrained into Russia’s socio-cultural fabric and identity; however, when people think of Russia’s achievements, they tend to associate with those that occurred during the USSR period which has been largely state-led.

Are You Losing Control of Tech Expenses?

......Technology is already among the leading five organisational expenses and is fast heading toward the top of the list. Moreover, technology expenditure has moved away from long-term capex projects with massive capital outlay to short-term operational expenses and monthly contracts, switching services 'on' and 'off' at will which requires a management platform that keeps close tabs on IT expenses........

Cloud Computing: Floating High in the Latin American Market

Cloud technology is much more than just a storage solution. With infrastructure as a service (IaaS) gaining popularity, businesses have opened up to the idea of adopting cloud computing as a full-fledged resource.

Africa & MEA : An Emerging Frontier for Global Services

There’s also been a considerable rise in R&D centers and Centers of Excellence (COEs), where talented professionals with relevant and often advanced technological skill sets work to develop state-of-the-art solutions......

Africa can lead the world in new technologies

Africa will soon have the world’s second-largest continental population. As the Pan-African economy develops, so does an opportunity that most developed economies lack: the collective choice to embrace emerging technologies and generate the infrastructure required to support a robust and well-equipped future workforce.

Digital healthcare: growing telehealth market to reach €22bn by 2025

Telehealth also involves a wide range of videoconferencing, health information, telecommunications, and digital image technologies. The virtual technology and telecommunications are used in telehealth to deliver health care facilities outside of traditional healthcare facilities.

Artificial intelligence will make Indian businesses smarter

“This not only enabled a streamlined automated recruitment process with no scope for biases, delays and inaccurate fitments but also led to 92 per cent saving of time in shortlisting, 70 per cent improvement in hiring efficiency and 66 per cent saving in costs.”

5 Tools & Practices that can help Your Remote Team

Let’s face it: It often gets perplexing to work with coworkers who are in the same office. Some people don’t gel well, or there might be an issue with communication. These problems become more critical when workers are dispersed all over the globe.

Have YOU Taken Advantage of the 2020 Trends? Don’t Miss Out!

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Innovation in Procurement: Why and How??

For procurement to better contribute to institutional effectiveness, then, it needs to innovate. Promoting innovation in procurement means processes that are transparent and efficient, and that facilitate equal access and open competition. Innovative solutions to public service needs are instrumental to delivering better services with long-term value for money.

EuroSpar & Spar stores introduce ‘Scan, Pay, Go’ app

Many larger retailers in the grocery sector across the UK have introduced their own versions of app-based self-service technology, but it is rare for a convenience sector to follow suit. The launch of the tech also comes at a time when all shops remaining open in the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis are calling on shoppers to use contactless payment where possible to contain the spread of the disease by limiting human to human contact.