This futuristic, floating city can withstand Category 5 hurricanes

........The villages, which would not have cars or trucks, would use aquaponic systems and vertical farming to grow enough food to feed residents year-round. The platforms would be anchored by something called Biorock, which is a very strong material (harder than concrete) created by exposing underwater minerals to electrical currents. The cities can be seen in a series of concept images........

Technologies That Keep Your Health System HIPAA Compliant

With the explosive growth of cloud-based technology, especially with many healthcare organizations using third- and fourth-party vendors, the fact that EHR systems are being moved to or connected with cloud-based platforms is a concern. Cloud-based applications can help with data security because the major providers have capabilities that can be used to enable strong security overall,

3 Signs Your Startup Might Die …. taken from Startups that Actually did DIE!

.......... The market will shift and you will need to build a business that adapts quickly. If you don’t, you’ll survive only until a newer, better version of your business offers the market what it really wants.........

Is RaaS the solution to shuttering stores?

Implementing a well-merchandised area of the store with information readily available on the tablet alongside products means sales associates can focus their time and attention on other value-adding areas of the store to deliver on customer experience.

Blockchain traceability launching for Halal Markets

The traceability blockchain hopes to bring consumers confidence that their product is halal, thanks to the technology’s immutability. KT and its partners will digitize certificates, so halal food producers add a QR code to the food which verifies their status. The code will additionally give consumers information about when and where the food was packaged, creating dependable expiration dates.

Openness is key to success in a data-driven world

Globalization is entering a new phase defined by “information,” where millions of small and midsize businesses are building e-commerce marketplaces to trade with the rest of the world. In a digital world, technologies like cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the drivers of future economic growth

Australia’s cloud market booms as productivity benefits unfold

Combining the positive effects of cloud integration, the Australian economy has had an injection of pace over the last half a decade, and this appears to be just the start. The productivity benefit from cloud technology has been increasing annually, building a substantial cumulative benefit over the last half a decade.

Brazil Is More Than Samba. Here We Unveil One Of The Fastest Growing Data Centre Markets In The Southern Hemisphere

The country is Latin America’s largest technology ecosystem with the IT market growing 9.8% in 2018, reaching $47bn and surpassing previous forecasts of 4.1% growth for the period and will continue to grow at 10.5% in 2019, according to a study prepared by IDC in partnership with the Brazilian Software Association (ABES).

How finance technology can streamline your business operations

Technology has always had an important part to play within finance, and this has only accelerated over the course of the last few years. It has become increasingly clear that the function will only be in a position to thrive and really add value to the organization it supports by actively embracing the tools that technology can offer. Let’s take a closer look at four key ways in which technology can harness and drive improvements across the finance function.

Smart Grid Data Analytics Market to be Worth USD 5,720 Million By 2025

Smart grid data analytics controls large data volumes that are created by smart grid technology. It is a key sector in the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), as it helps utilities to address key financial and operational challenges. This technology offers certain advantages for multinational corporations, retail stores, universities, enterprises, and hospitals.

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market 2020 Size, Development Status, Type and Application, Segmentation, Forecast by 2026

This intelligence report includes investigations based on current scenarios, historical records, and future predictions. An accurate data of various aspects such as Type, Size, Application, and end-user have been scrutinized in this research report. It presents the 360-degree overview of the competitive landscape of the industries. Thus, helping the companies to understand the threats and challenges in front of the businesses. Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is showing steady growth and CAGR is expected to improve during the forecast period.

General Motors takes supply chain proficiency in the Middle East to NEW HEIGHTS

In the ever-evolving conversation centred around the autonomous and electric vehicles of the future, one could be easily forgiven for failing to recognise the impact this will have on the manufacturers and the procurement networks of the automotive and transportation sector. As the eyes of the world focus on when we will see EVs and autonomous vehicles, the question should really be how.......

5 Tools & Practices that can help Your Remote Team

Let’s face it: It often gets perplexing to work with coworkers who are in the same office. Some people don’t gel well, or there might be an issue with communication. These problems become more critical when workers are dispersed all over the globe.

Are You Ready for Agile Learning at Work?

.....looked into this very closely in the past few years and has found that the “digital skills gap” — when demand for IT skills is not met with adequate supply — is a top obstacle for those organizations in their digital agenda. Interestingly, the challenge is not only in recruitment, but most crucially in bringing up to speed the current workforce with the new skills. Employees are not learning fast enough......

5 steps to reimagining operational architecture and boosting results with IoT

Sustainable investments are necessary for a comprehensive transformation programme, including the redesign of business processes. IoT should ultimately be viewed as an ever-present ingredient in an organisation’s architecture that facilitates operational outcomes.

Cloud market in Africa to grow to R23.6 billion by 2023

For businesses considering moving to the cloud, first mover advantage is more important than ever – while supporting innovation is a key success factor in today’s highly-competitive industries.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Manufacturers

.....Thanks to cloud computing, everything from software to raw processing power can be rolled out with unprecedented speed. Basically, the cloud democratises advanced IT hardware and software, bringing it within reach for manufacturers and other organisations that simply wouldn’t have access otherwise........

Abu Dhabi Power to develop largest thermal plant in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Power Corporation (ADPower) and Japan-based Marubeni Corporation on Sunday announced the formation of a consortium to develop the Fujairah F3 independent power producer (IPP) project, which will be the largest independent thermal power plant in the UAE.

Indian IT 4.0: Upping the ante on innovation

The IT services industry has remained a crown jewel in India’s success story, and a key growth catalyst in the nation’s economy. This industry grew to $181 billion in 2018-19, accounting for nearly 45% share of India’s total services exports and contributed around 7.7 per cent to the country’s GDP. Yet, it struggles to maintain its position and relevance in the industry today. What does it take for a turnaround?

China takes a great leap forward in data protection

As the issue gains social traction, the government is breaking ground by advancing national regulations with major implications for consumer privacy and the international operability of firms both domestic and overseas........

Trends 2020 providing Real Advantage

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IoT edge cloud balances the best of cloud and edge computing

Edge cloud refers to the decentralization of the traditional, massive cloud data centers. The IoT edge cloud moves cloud storage and compute closer to the edge source while also scaling down its size. Edge sites may connect to each other or to a core cloud for additional data inputs and processing or storage capabilities or isolated in instances of a data breach or service compromise.

Blockchain could help UAE save over $3b a year

Among the major entities already deploying blockchain are Emirates NBD, DP World, Emirates Airline, Etisalat, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, the Ministry of Health, and Smart Dubai. Their experiences with deploying blockchain were highlighted in the whitepaper and will be used to better understand the deployment.

Businesses need a clear head on productivity

Frankly, every eye is looking for marginal improvements in hopes of eking out a profit. Even before we added COVID-19 to our dictionaries, productivity growth was worryingly flat. On average, employers were paying for eight hours of work per day, but receiving just three hours of productive time in return.